cindy vanous - portfolio
Who am I?

In a single sentence, I'm an established writer and editor with a passion for computers. Over the last few years, I've applied my talents to the creation, support, and promotion of game software. In addition to generating story content and informational websites for computer entertainment products, I have authored numerous articles and columns, and served as editor for a large computer gaming publication.

(Does that sound too dry? Honestly, how else can you say, "I play games for a living," and still seem like a serious professional? Ah, the unique perils of our chosen field...)

Where was I? Oh, yes... my portfolio. The navigation bar on the left of your screen links to a standard collection of resume' and sample pages. This online format allows you to view my skills and experience from the comfortable anonymity of your own desk, safe in the knowledge that I am oblivious to your visit.

Isn't technology grand?