Hunter x Hunter production cels - OVA

(This is a temporary page. I've replaced my usual spiffy layout with these group pages to make browsing easier while I'm trying to find new homes for many of my lovely cels and sketches. Many apologies if the page loads slowly!)

I love my collection. However, as my vision continues to deteriorate, I've made two decisions. First, that I need to find a less-visual hobby; second, that these cels and sketches deserve to be actively appreciated instead of tucked away. ^_^ I am therefore planning to keep only those cels which were presents, plus a few of my absolute favorites. All the rest are available for purchase. Unless there is a "gift" or "wishlist" icon next to a cel or sketch scan, I will cheerfully accept an offer on it. Finally, this is not a traditional "offer period" -- I just have no idea anymore how much most of them cost me to purchase (*-_-*), so I'll take the first offer that sounds good for each one.

I hope you find something you want to take home and cherish, and thank you so very much for taking a look!

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evilminion anime art collection

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