Hunter x Hunter cel and sketch gallery
(This show is a mixed bag in terms of production art. Although the TV series, first OVA series, and JSAT episode were cel-animated, all subsequent OVA series were digitally colored.)

Hunter x Hunter TV

Opening and ending cels

Starting out (1 - 5)
First exam (6 - 8)
Second exam (9 - 12)
Third exam (13 - 20)
Manhunt (21 - 26)
Final exam (27 - 31)
The rescue (32 - 36)
Sky arena (37 - 44)
Homecoming (45 - 49)
York Shin (50 - 62)

TV - unsorted

TV - previously unscanned

Hunter x Hunter OVA
Vengeance - OVA 1

Greed Island - OVA 2 and 3

J.S.A.T. '98 - OVA prequel
(The Jump Super Anime Tour was a VHS tape featuring half-hour animated episodes of Shounen Jump Weekly's most popular manga series. Released in 1998, it predated the Hunter x Hunter television series, and featured a markedly different art style, as well as different voice actors.)



So why, exactly, do I adore HUNTER X HUNTER?
And no, this is not a rhetorical question. It's actually something I've been asking myself for a couple of years now. When I first saw the art from the series, I dismissed it as unappealing: the predomination of battle scenes tagged HxH as an all-too-standard boys' fighting show, and the main characters were so young that I figured it must be for kids.

Looking back, of course, it's obvious that I was pretty much wrong on both counts. Nonetheless, my initial impressions kept me from watching the show for most of its initial run. It wasn't until two or three friends finally babbled enough about how wonderful the characters were that I actually got around to downloading some fansubs and checking it out.

And now? Well, now I have enough HxH cels to warrant their own seperate gallery, and that should tell you something about how magnificent this series is.


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